Diamond Jubilee boosts social media engagement

diamond jubilee boosts social media engagement

Despite the extended weekend for a large proportion of business sectors (me included… whoop!), the Diamond Jubilee is in fact set to dramatically benefit a large proportion of local businesses.

On the run up to the Diamond Jubilee there has been a great deal of talk about the financial benefits for local businesses due to the sharp increase in sales. Recent studies by The Centre for Retail Research have predicted a boom time for much of the retail sector. With an estimated £509 million to be spent by the general public on retail shopping, souvenirs and overall celebrations there are clear benefits; however, it still isn’t fully clear as to whether this will outweigh the financial effect on the economy due to the loss in productivity.

So are there other benefits that the Diamond Jubilee will bring to local businesses?

Brand Engagement & Social Awareness

The Diamond Jubilee has provided small businesses with the opportunity to express a degree of creative license in their marketing approach, with social media being the perfect platform for this. Creating topical campaigns on the social networks has enabled local businesses to have the opportunity to engage their followers, involve them in conversation and as a result build their audience and nurture brand loyalty.

Community Spirit

Let’s not forget one of the underlying reasons for any Jubilee is to uplift the nation’s spirits. So whether you are for or against the extended bank holiday, there is no doubt that a happy nation gives us happy workers. Just think about the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White and whistle while you work!

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