Should Big Business be scared of Social Media?

Social Media Most, if not all multinational organisations have a presence in social media now. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or all of the popular networks, most big businesses have seemingly caught up. It does seem however that despite this natural progression for organisations, there is always room for caution. One key … Continue reading

The #Trending Games

Social Media The impact that Twitter had on the London 2012 Olympic games has had copious amounts of attention from various sources of media throughout the games. The social micro-blogging network has accommodated a newly intensified level of opinion diversity never really seen before at a global event of this kind. It … Continue reading

Google Penguin – Have You Been Left In The Cold?

Social Churn, Social Marketing, Social Media Search engine optimisation has changed fundamentally, and as a result the Internet is maturing. Google’s recent ‘Penguin’ update seeks to punish websites that have thus far been using archaic ‘black hat’ techniques, and reward those that create and publish content that is both new, and can attract a large, interested … Continue reading

Why Viral Remakes Work….Fenton!!!

Social Marketing Over the years there have been many viral video phenomenons that have taken the world by storm. One of the most recent ones that is an office favourite, is the latest string of ‘Fenton’ YouTube videos. The original clip was filmed on a mobile phone by a 13 year old … Continue reading

Facebook Tips To Keep Your Users Engaged

Facebook Facebook was originally born out of the idea to stay ‘connected and connect’ with friends but with the adoption of so many brand pages, admins make the mistake of thinking of Facebook users as “friends” who will look at company posts simply because a company posts them. That’s not true, … Continue reading

Social Innovation – Driving Change

Social Media In this authors opinion, it’s unusual for the European Union to be forward thinking or to undertake a meaningful study but in May 2010 they issued a paper on Empowering people, driving change which related to Social Innovation. The paper considered how using web-based social networks communities are forming groups … Continue reading

The Social Media Customer

Infographic 18 million Brits have used social media to interact with brands. Two thirds say that is a better experience than call centres or help lines. So is social media fundamentally re-defining the relationships between consumers and brands or is it just a flash in the pan? Here’s an interesting Infographic … Continue reading

The Power Of Social Publishing

Social Media The term Social Publishing is becoming ever more convoluted, meanings range from merely posting content to Twitter or a Facebook page to a completely alternative form of blogging. For us it means something completely different. I like to see it as a function that can help improve your marketing, reputation … Continue reading

Brands ignore 70% of customer interactions – Ignorance is far from Bliss

Infographic Almost all companies want to have people talking about their brand and have customers actively wanting to enter into conversation with them about their products. So why is it that 70% of Facebook interactions are not even acknowledged with a response? Over recent years there has been a rapid rise … Continue reading

Facebook Hijacks Email

Facebook, Help, News This morning the email account on my Facebook profile changed, I asked my colleagues to check theirs and it was the same. Until today I hadn’t realised that Facebook were defaulting the Facebook email and hiding the one I use everyday. I personally hate it when big companies impose change … Continue reading